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Air conditioning maintenance is often overlooked by vehicle owners; most expect it to carry working without realising that it’s a function that requires attention on a regular basis to provide safe, cool air when you and your passengers need it.

The gas in your air conditioning system typically depletes naturally by about 15% every year, so after 5 years without regassing, there will be very little gas left. Signature MK recommend a regas every two years as a minimum; if you do high annual mileage, every 12 months. Poorly maintained vehicle air conditioning systems can emit unpleasant odours, harbour bacteria and viruses, make strange noises, and won’t provide the dry, cool air needed on hot days.

Signature MK are City & Guilds F-Gas Certified and Approved, and offer the full range of car air conditioning maintenance and repair services:

  • Anti-Bacteria Interior Purifier (debug) – This is a cleaning spray or “bomb” which is released into your car or van interior with the air conditioning switched on. The spray is sucked into the air vents and removes contaminants, leaving the cabin air and the air conditioning system contaminant-free.
  • Air conditioning Decontamination – This is a more involved process to clean the two weak points in a car’s air conditioning system which are the pollen filter box and the evaporator. We use specially developed components which contain no colourants or fragrances.
  • Air conditioning Regas – This process should be carried out at least every two years and involves extracting whatever gas remains in the air conditioning system and refilling it fully. Beware of garages that offer a “top-up” – there is no way to know how much gas is in your air conditioning system without emptying it and weighing what is removed. If gas is added without knowing how much is required, it can be overdone. Prices start from £40 (+ VAT) and we’re always happy to provide no-obligation quotations.
  • Air conditioning Repairs – If you have any issues with your car or van’s air conditioning system, bring it to Signature MK in Bletchley, Milton Keynes and we will get to the bottom of it.

Here are some tips to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning system gas levels last as long as possible:

  • Use your air conditioning regularly, to prevent it from going “stale”
  • Keep the windows shut when the air conditioning is in use
  • Turn the air conditioning off 10 minutes before the end of your journey and let the fan run to remove excess water, which would otherwise be left in the air conditioning filters
  • Have regular debugs and regasses

Signature MK are members of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and an Approved Garage & Accredited Repairer. Both of these affiliations give our customers peace of mind and proof of our commitment to the highest standards in everything we do.

To find out more about our Air Conditioning in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, get in touch online or call us directly on 01908 803900

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